Peach Blossoms

This photograph was taken of the peach blossoms on a tree that I planted in my father’s memory.  It seemed fitting to plant a peach tree because when I was a child, my father planted two peach trees and two apple trees in our yard.  Once the peach trees became prolific, he would make homemade peach ice cream on hot summer days. We would have family, friends, and neighbors gather to share the ice cream and socialize.  This was a time when you didn’t lock your doors when you left your house. We didn’t have security cameras, we had caring neighbors. Everyone looked out for each other. You knew and respected your neighbors and valued spending time with each other.  My father was extremely generous and friendly. He would help anyone in need and give you the shirt off his back.  

My mother would use the peaches to make the most fabulous peach cobbler you’ve ever tasted.  She would just whip it together and she never used a recipe. She would also can the peaches so we could enjoy them during the winter months.  She was thoughtful and shared the harvest with family, friends, and neighbors. My mother was an amazing cook and her abilities weren’t limited to the kitchen.  There wasn’t anything that my mother couldn’t do, fix or make. To this day, I am absolutely amazed at her loving grace and the abundance of energy that she had.

My parents were just like everybody else’s parents.  They loved each other. They were committed to each other and they took care of their family.  They endured hardships but they stuck together and leaned on each other. They were able to celebrate 60 wonderful years together, prior to my father passing away.  I am honored to be their daughter. I can identify where my personality traits and physical traits came from. There are times that I see my mother in my actions and other times, my father.

Interestingly, I have been told that peach blossoms are significant in Feng Shui.  They help attract love and like-minded people to you. While I do not know anything about Feng Shui, I do know that I have been blessed with a loving family and many like-minded friends.  Acquaintances, not unlike the seasons come and go, but I have an amazing family and friends that love me and always have my back. For that, I am very thankful and I count my blessings.

What things in nature remind you of your childhood or make you feel warm and fuzzy when you see or even smell them?  Peaches will always make me think of my father.

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