Red and Yellow Peppers, Easter Egg Radishes and Shishito Peppers

If you can’t make it to the farmers market, no worries, there are a couple of other options.  Virginia Beach has two pop up farmers markets that offer fresh produce, artisan bread, honey a host of other homemade products, vendors and crafts.  The first is located at 620 19th Street near the oceanfront. It is known as the Old Beach Farmers Market. They are open on Saturdays primarily during the spring/summer months (9 am – Noon); however, they do have a year round schedule so you should check their website if you are interested in going (http://www.oldbeachfarmersmarket.com/) or check out their Facebook page.

During my most recent visit, I was able to sample artisan bread, local honey, fresh homemade peanut butters and locally produced Kombucha Tea.  In addition to sampling the local fare, you can enjoy food from Full Quiver Farms or an amazing crepe from Lamia’s Crepes. When I left, I was already looking forward to going home and enjoying a BLT sandwich with my fresh tomatoes.  One slice of tomato covered the entire slice of bread and the freshness can’t be beat. It was heavenly. I am now looking forward to eating my Easter Egg radishes.

Squash, Cherries and Fresh Baked Bread

The second option is the pop-up farmers market at 2961 Shore Drive.  They are also opened on Saturdays primarily during the spring/summer months (9 am – Noon).  They also have fresh produce, artisan bread, homemade products and crafts for sale. Be sure to check out their website if you are interested in going or you can check out their Facebook page.  During my most recent visit, I purchased fresh produce and some amazing fresh baked rosemary bread from Gateaux.  They have a storefront located at 1628 Independence Blvd, Suite 1500.  It is a French-inspired bakery & cafe. I look forward to visiting the shop.  


More Mushrooms

I was absolutely amazed with one vendor named Jenny.  She had the most beautiful mushrooms. I had no idea that anyone grew mushrooms locally.  I didn’t plan on going home right away so I didn’t purchase them; however, I plan on doing so on my next visit.  They were absolutely lovely. Also, if you are planning to visit there is a gentleman (Tim Robinette) that will sharpen your knives – working with dull knives in the kitchen is can be a hazard. 

I would recommend visiting one of the pop up farmers markets. They are strategically located, convenient, there is plenty of parking and it is a great way to start your weekend.


              Pop Up Farmer’s Market on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach

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